Joint Press Release from the KJC, KPC and the Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina
Prishtina, October 19, 2017 – On the occasion of the visit of the delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Courts Administration, the Kosovo Judicial Council and the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council organized a joint meeting.

At this joint meeting was discussed regarding the ICT/CMIS Project (ICT- Information and Communication Technology, CMIS – Case Management Information System), its progress, the work being done and what is to be done in order to implement the project which is supported and funded by the  Norwegian government.


The Norwegian delegation have rated the achievements in the implementation of the CMIS Project so far, and at the same time there were provided suggestions and recommendations for the successful implementation of the project and to ensure the long term sustainability of the CMIS Project.

Also, they discussed regarding other possibilities of future assistance and cooperation between the Judicial and Prosecutorial system of Kosovo and the Norwegian Government.  

The KJC chairperson, Mr. Nehat Idrizi and the KPC Chairperson, Mr. Blerim Isufaj, expressed their gratitude to the Norwegian delegation for their support and funding the ICT/CMIS Project, as this project is a very important for increasing the efficiency of the Judicial and the Prosecutorial system of Kosovo.